Get all features in one application-Scanify

Today I am going to tell you about an app which has the solution to all your scanning related problems, through this app you can do almost all your scanning related tasks. I am using this app for the last 1 month and this app has attracted me a lot. Through this blog, you will know all the features of this application which will prove to be very helpful for you.

Smart AI Scan:-

With the help of the Smart AI Scan feature, you can easily scan your documents without clicking on the screen. You have to just click on the camera and it will detect and scan your document automatically.

Import Image:-

With the help of this option, you can easily import photographs or documents from your gallery in this application and after that, you can edit them or share them with everyone.

Import ID Photo:-

In the Import ID Photo option, you can easily create your passport size photograph in various formats like 2×2 inches, 600×600 pixel, 35×45 mm etc and in this, you can import your photo from the gallery which you want to make a passport size photograph. Also, you can enhance your photograph by using the colour filters of this app.


If you do not have your digital signature, then you can use this feature, with the help of this feature. You can easily create your digital signature as well as you can scan or import your original signature from the gallery. After creating a Signature easily you can add that signature on your documents.

Image to Text(OCR):-

This is the most advanced feature of this application which helps you to copy text from an image, mostly we could hardly do this work on an online website but with this app, this feature helps us to copy text from an image.

QR Scanner:-

QR Scanner is a simple way to scan any QR code. QR code allows the user to access information instantly and scanify app has feature integrated into it.

PDF/JPEG Converter:-

After scanning. you can convert your scanned document into PDF/JPEG format and can save or share it on various platforms.

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