About Us



Lufick was founded in 2016 by Gulshan Kumar Singh in Gurugram, Haryana. We are the leading Application Development Company with 6+ years of experience. We have a team of 30+ dedicated professionals who are highly skilled and always ready to develop simple solutions for the most complex problems. Lufick Team individuals are prepared for the most recent innovations and are specialists with regard to planning and improvement of creative arrangements.

Our mobile app development services include consulting, development, UI UX, and quality & security testing services across mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

Since 2016, Lufick have designed many apps which are widely popular among the masses like-

  • Document scanner-: A PDF Creator and documents scanning application that is appreciated and downloaded by 40millions plus users.
  • File Manager:- It is the simplest, Powerful, Small, Free and perfect App to manage files like Images, videos, documents, music, apps on your mobile and is trusted by 10million plus users.
  • Image Editor:- It is a powerful photo editor android application that has also a 10million plus users.
  • Scanify:- Scan your documents digitally by using phone’s camera and convert them into crystal clear high quality PDF files with a lot of editing options.
  • Blaster Blade - War of Galaxy:- Immerse Yourself In An Epic Battle!



Our dedicated and enthusiastic team of software experts works for worldwide users and offers multiple services such as designing and developing commercial Mobile apps.

We have created popular apps on Android and iOS platforms. In 2021, after gaining appreciation from our users we have entered the mobile gaming segment and currently developing games that will be soon published on the Google Play Store

Our Vision



 At Lufick, we develop apps keeping in mind to improve the productivity of users

Time Saving

We implement methods so that users can achieve their tasks in less time

Happy User

We make our decisions while keeping in mind our user's interest

Finding Solutions

We aim to provide solutions to current and upcoming problems



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